Jesses Seed-Book-3DIt’s autumn, 1941. The Nazis have fired on the USS Greer; London is ablaze, and the streets of Leningrad are red with blood. Still, David Dremmer is content to work his father’s ranch and dream of his best friend’s wife.

When the United States finally enters the war, David escapes his father’s disappointment and a loveless marriage by enlisting in the Air Corps. His choice proves fateful. His B-17 is shot down over Belgium. Now he is in the hands of the Nazis, and a deadly game of cat and mouse ensues as Second Lieutenant David Dremmer wages a private war with the Luftwaffe, the Wehrmacht, and his own conscience to save the life of a beautiful Resistance operative. It’s then he discovers that the weakness that has kept him from his dreams is, in fact, the key to becoming who he was born to be.

An award-winning, lyrical novel, Jesse’s Seed explores the power of choice, finality, love, and redemption.

ISBN:  978-1-936830-79-4


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  1. This book makes me wish I had unlimited time to binge-read. Intelligent, suspenseful, spiritually and psychologically probing, inhabited with characters whose too-real struggles you want to continue resolving. I don’t want to give away too much, but this novel does what my favorite novels do: make you love the one you originally resent. I most enjoyed the cathartic conclusion, and David’s refreshingly humorous wit in moments of confrontation.

  2. Sam Pakan has given every reader a gift in this novel. His characters pulse with life. His dialogue flows along with ease. His language both exhilarates and makes you pause, like something that’s roller coaster ride and poetry perfectly combined. I fell in love with the book, the story, the characters within the first few pages. I’m counting the days until the next book is published.

  3. Jesse’s Seed is a compelling story told well. I was drawn into David’s world, a world initially characterized by doubt and confusion, but which gained clarity as David discovered his true identity and pursued his destiny, a destiny much greater than he himself could have imagined possible. David’s story is a story of the triumph of the human spirit over time, place, and circumstance. Sam Pakan had me thinking about the meaning of my own life as I thought about the meaning of David”s and that is something that can be said about only a small handful of contemporary novelists.

  4. It’s been quite some time since I’ve found a novel that I was able to connect with in such a meaningful way. The characters are believable and well rounded, and I cared a great deal about what happened to them.

    Thematically, the book is centered around the reconciliation of rationalism and faith. While that tension will likely remain for centuries, the protagonist, David Dremmer, manages to expose Nihilism as an unsystematic philosophy based less on reason than emotion. Remarkably, this is achieved without the pitfalls of argument or philosophical muscle flexing.

    Instead, the young protagonist lives through the despair arising from Nihilism, identifies its source, rejects it, and discovers a purpose that has seemingly been waiting for him all along. Though I’m not prepared to take the same leap the protagonist takes, I am at least hopeful that such a leap might be rewarded.

    The story unfolds through alternating points of view, each allocated to a separate section. Though these POV section changes are frequent, they are also smooth and unambiguous, and the insights offered by the alternate characters’ perspectives are significant.

    The style is seductive and moving and is, for me, the most endearing feature of this beautiful book. Images are used in profound and powerful ways. Some are traditional, a few are biblical, but all are effective and skillfully handled. Several remain with me now, days after finishing the book, and I find myself thumbing through the pages and reading the passages again, savoring their power.

    Though some areas of conflict are resolved at the end of the book, a few rather significant ones are not. I was at first disappointed by this, but since this is “Book One,” I have to assume the remaining conflicts will be resolved in whatever is to follow.

    I will wait though not patiently.

  5. Please tell me you are working feverishly on the sequel! I enjoyed the story very much and ready to see how the next chapter unfolds.

    1. BTW Anita, I believe that at the time you asked this question, the book I was working on was abandoned–well, at least 90% of it was abandoned. I kept it for a year or two to use as source material but finally deleted it. The new and improved Book 2 has been completed, and I’m doing a final edit. I hope you enjoy it!

    1. The publisher hasn’t yet sheduled production, but I have hopes it might be out before Christmas! Thanks for your interest!

  6. Book 2 is out and available on Amazon, Gutenbooks, Barnes and Nobel, Books A Million and most other book retailers. Thanks for the interest!

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