12046930_139574243058749_3444655303494103751_nSam Pakan has spent the last twenty-six years pursuing his passion of raising range-fed beef cattle and working with Quarter Horses. Operating the ranch he grew up on, his love of the land is equaled only by his ardor for great books and powerful stories.

He received his MFA in English literature from West Texas A&M University and taught freshman composition at his alma mater for two years. For three years, he wrote and edited for Accent West, a regional magazine for the Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico High Plains.

Between 1985 and 1988, he taught college preparatory English to high school seniors. He has had short fiction and poetry published in Images from the High Plains, WTSU Review of the Arts, and Separate Doors. An earlier version of a then unfinished JESSE’S SEED placed second in the 2006 Frontiers in Writing competition held by the Panhandle Professional Writers Association.

He is currently writing a sequel to JESSE’S SEED under the working title A BED IN SHEOL. The two novels follow David Dremmer through the privations of WWII chronicling his battles against darkness within and horrors without, and his eventual growth into a life of meaning and purpose.

Pakan is a member of Panhandle Professional Writers.

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